SST-129 Lucy Plastic Chair

Lucy Plastic Chair, with its ergonomic and aesthetic design, provides air permeability with a perforated seat and back surface. Besides its light weight and practical use, it has a robust body structure. Colors in production are white, dark gray, black, sand gray and olive green. Being stackable, it provides ease at times of transport, storage and cleaning. Thanks to its easy cleaning and hygienic structure, it provides safe use in dining areas. It is UV added and the natural colors are not affected by sunlight and temperature changes. Thanks to this advantage, it can stay in outdoor areas such as garden, patio, deck. In addition, the glass fiber mixture used in the production makes the chair extremely durable. It is ideal for enterprises such as cafe, restaurant, food court, fast food restaurant, social facility and hotel. Besides the dining chair, it can be preferred as a wedding chair, organization chair and balcony chair. Please contact for more information and price information.