Boo Polycarbonate Chair – SST-005


A few advantages of choosing the Boo Polycarbonate Chair are; It is very light and does not tire you out. This is an important detail that makes life easier. It is a highly practical product. It provides fast solutions almost everywhere. You can complete your decoration in a practical way in crowded places like hotel, food court, cafe or the dining table of a house. Its aesthetic and rounded lines add coziness to the environment. It is produced in three different colors and keeps its original color for many years thanks to its UV additive. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The high-tech Boo Polycarbonate Chair is produced perfectly with a smooth surface. It has the feature of maintaining its robustness for many years. It back ergonomics provide extra comfort for those who don’t give up on comfort. In addition to its advantageous technical features, it is highly decorative. The Boo Polycarbonate Chair can be stacked when you’re done.
Dimensions in cm and weight in kg
Seat Height:46
Unit Weight:4
Information on packaging units
Pcs in Carton Box:4
Package Weight (kg):18,3
Package dimensions in cm and volume
m3 0,337
Logistics information
20 DC Cntr: 320
40 HC Cntr: 816
82 Cbm Truck: 912


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