Pad Plastic Chair Upholstered TLL-Rotus


In order to add a more classic look to our Rotus group, we designed our Rotus Pad Plastic Chair by adding upholstery to the back and the seating area. We have created a variety of colors and patterns by covering wipeable fabric on a sponge pad. Upholstery fabrics are resistant to abrasion and fading and also are stainproof. Velvet upholstery can be preferred if desired. It can be applied to both back and seating areas as in the main model or it can be covered on only one part. Apart from the waterproof upholstery models it is mainly used indoors. Rotus Pad Plastic Chair can be used as hotel chair, shopping mall chair, food court chair, cafeteria chair. It is also suitable for use with kitchen and balcony tables in houses and verandas. It is lightweight and can be stacked.


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